Heart Sutra

This is the Heart sutra in the translation of Dharmachakra commitee. Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche was teaching about this profound text at gomde Denmark in the summer of 2017, and for this occasion this recording was produced.
May it be of benefit!

The Heart Sūtra  (Dharmachakra translation commitee translation)

The Essence of Perfect Wisdom

In Sanskrit: Bhagavatī-prajñāpāramitā-hṛdaya

In Tibetan: Bcom ldan ‘das ma shes rab kyi pha rol tu

phyin pa’i snying po

In English: The Essence of the Blessed Lady, Perfect


Thus have I heard at one time. The Blessed One was

staying at Vulture Peak in Rajgir together with a great

saṇgha of monks and a great saṇgha of bodhisattvas.

At that time the Blessed One entered into a meditation

on the teaching called Profound Illumination. At that

same time, the great bodhisattva, the great being, Noble

Avalokiteśvara, while considering profound practice of

perfect wisdom, saw the five aggregates to be empty of


Then due to the Buddha’s power, Venerable Śāriputra

said to the bodhisattva, the great being, Noble

Avalokiteśvara, “How should a son or daughter of noble

family who wishes to practice profound perfect wisdom



When he had been asked this, the bodhisattva, the great

being, Noble Avalokiteśvara replied to Venerable

Śariputra, “A son or daughter of noble family who

wishes to practice profound perfect wisdom should see

things like this: he or she should correctly see the five

aggregates to be empty of nature. Form is emptiness.

Emptiness is form. Emptiness is not other than form.

Form is not other than emptiness. Sensation,

perception, karmic formation, and consciousness are

likewise empty. Śāriputra, in that way all phenomena are

emptiness; they lack characteristics, they are unborn,

unceasing, unstained, free from stain, not deficient, nor


Thus Śāriputra, in emptiness there is no form, no

sensation, no perception, no karmic formations, no

consciousness. There is no eye, no ear, no nose, no

tongue, no body, no mind, no form, no sound, no taste,

no smell, no texture, no mental objects. There is no

domain of the eye up to no domain of the mind, all the

way up to no domain of the mental consciousness.

There is no ignorance, no exhaustion of ignorance, up

to no aging and death, all the way up to no exhaustion of

aging and death. Likewise there is no suffering, no origin

of suffering, no cessation of suffering, no path, no

wisdom, no attainment, no non-attainment.


Thus, Śāriputra, since a bodhisattva has no attainment,

he or she relies upon perfect wisdom and thus has no

mental obscuration and no fear. Because of this the

bodhisattva goes beyond all that is mistaken and reaches

perfect nirvāṇa.

All of the buddhas of the three times, as well, fully

awaken to complete and perfect unsurpassed awakening

in reliance on perfect wisdom. Therefore the mantra of

perfect wisdom, the great knowledge mantra, the

unsurpassed mantra, the mantra that is equal to the

unequaled, the mantra that completely pacifies all

suffering should be known as true since it is

undeceiving. The mantra of perfect wisdom is said like


tadyathā gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

Śāriputra, a bodhisattva, a great being, should train in

perfect wisdom in that way.”

Then the Blessed One arose from meditation and said

to Noble Avalokiteśvara, “Excellent! Excellent! Son of

noble family, it is like that! Son of noble family, it is just

like that! Perfect wisdom should be practiced just as you

have taught, and the Thus-gone Ones will rejoice.”

When the Blessed One said this the Venerable

Śāriputra, the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara and their
entire retinues, as well as the world with its gods,

humans, asuras, and gandharvas rejoiced and praised

what the Blessed One had said.

This completes the Noble Essence of Perfect Wisdom.

Translated by the Dharmachakra Translation Committee.

This translation is dedicated to the good health and long life of

our precious gurus.





The Heart Sutra, in Sanskrit Bhagavati Prajnaparamita Hritaya, is one of the most recited texts in the Mahayana tradition. Here I chanted it in english, and I used the translation of the Nalanda Translation Commitee.
I found the text very provocative and challenging, to say the least, and felt inspired to recite it over and over again, and allow it to shake up the conceptual frameworks in my mind, and open up to the endless, beginningless space beyond it.
I would like to share this recording, hoping it will also inspire others to chant it, study it, engage in it and connect to this profound wisdom that is meant to transform our minds and hearts for the better.


  voice: Rodrigo Reijers
Translated by the Nalanda Translation Committee under the direction of Vidyadhara the Venerable Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.
© 1975, 1980 by the Nalanda Translation Committee. All rights reserved.
The text is available on their website <http://nalandatranslation.org/offerings/translations-and-commentaries/> for personal use.



Tibetan Calligraphy Artist Tashi Mannox


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  1. Love it, and how amazing now that it got translated into English. I always admire and lots and lots of respect for Trungpa Rinpoche, and how fortunate for those who have worked tirelessly day and night on this great project.
    Thanks forever

  2. So the circle is the mantra, and the stamp is the signature- what does the line at the bottom say?

  3. Rejoice…..a lotus for they who have made this beautiful and sacred HeartSutra could be chanted in English. I believe it would benefit many beings especially English spoken brothers and sisters.

  4. How wonderful to open this on June 19. Sunday, day before Summer Solstice, FULL MOON. Thank you.

  5. Can we not download as a mp3 as this is one of my favorites as is Homage to Tara but there is no pdf to learn by.

  6. The chanting is so beautiful. Wonderful to be able to hear the chants in ENGLISH, my native language;
    very tired of always hearing it in Tibetan and never know what it means. Also, tremendous feelings can be evoked by singing along with the chants because you provide the text when scrolling down. Thanks a million!
    I play these chants over and over again.

  7. Great , wow, awesome, purest, powerful, beyond words, thanks for the wonderful expression of the heart.

  8. I would like to have it as MP3 play.
    Is the recording available on GooglePlay or AppleStore?
    Where to go, what sould I do?

  9. Aloha and thank you very much for your time and talent.
    While reciting along with you ( with the help of the Nalanda Translation Committee text) i notice an omission in your chanting : “no origin of suffering” is missing.
    With much gratitude

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