Chanting the 21 Praises to Tara together

Reciting the 21 Praises to Tara – TTE creates a sangha recording 

The TTE wants to make a very special gift to Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche: A ‘Virtual Choir Recitation’ of the 21 Praises to Tara by  TTE participants. 

We would like to create a ‘virtual choir’ with as many TTE participants as possible. With this wonderful gathering of voices from all over the globe we will record our newly translated 21 Praises to Tara. In this way we will be able to offer our chanting of Tara’s 21 Praises to Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche in deep gratitude for making the Triple Excellence Terma available, to help us all towards enlightenment at this difficult time.

Since its inception, the TTE has pioneered the creation of online dharma sangha. Over the years a worldwide sangha has connected through the daily practice of this terma under the guidance of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche. 

At this time we would like to show our devotion to Rinpoche by recording all of us chanting the 21 Praises to Tara in his honor. The TTE has prepared a new translation of the praises especially suitable for chanting, and everyone is invited to join the online-community chant as we prepare our offering for Rinpoche. 

How can we do this if we are sitting here in our own rooms?

We prepared a video (below) that is easy to follow. You can chant along with the video while recording yourself with one of your devices: your phone, your iPad, your laptop, etc. A group of you may also record a video, if you have some friends nearby who would like to join in the chanting.

Then send us your audiotrack. If you wish you can also send a video or a photo of yourself. We will then piece together a video with your chants and pictures of our entire virtual choir, and offer our gift to Rinpoche. We hope you will join us!!!

Step-by-step instructions to record yourself:

Watch the video a few times to familiarize yourself with the new words. When you are ready, play the video, and chant along with us while recording yourself with your phone, (or a device of your choice). If it is possible – – for best results, have no background noise, and use headphones to listen to the video while you record yourself.

Please don’t worry about your accent, your voice, or if you miss a few words. Just enjoy the chanting of these wonderful words!  Instead of worrying about our own singing, we can rejoice in the blessings of this prayer and our sangha. We are simply offering our hearts. 

After you finish recording send the mp3 to:, together with a picture of yourself. Rinpoche always enjoys seeing our faces. 

Please send it before june 5, We want to offer it to Rinpoche june 14

Dedicate the merit, and please make aspirations for Rinpoche’s activities to flourish, as well as for peace and harmony in the world. 

This is a Tara Triple Excellence project. the copyrights for this translation are from the Tara Triple Excellence. You can find more info about the TTE on

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