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The Vajrasound project comes from the intention to make the Buddhist traditions accessible in the western world by reciting, chanting and singing the texts in English.

The tracks are made with the intention that everybody can chant along with them, and use it as a practice. Of course it is fine to listen to them, but I hope you’ll feel encouraged to participate in the practice of reciting and chanting.

If you have any songs, chants, recitations and the like that you feel like sharing, please send us an audio file, or link to a video. It would be so nice to build up a collection of contemporary Buddhist chant traditions (This can also include also other languages than english)

I have created a facebook page and group, you are very welcome to connect here too.

Many tracks that are presented here are also available for  download on bandcamp 

Also if you want to learn some of these songs together with your sangha, we can think of a workshop or event to support the vocal qualities of your sangha.

We are looking for people with writing skills, social media skills, illustrators, video creators, etc. to join the team. If this project is something you want to contribute to: welcome!


Please feel free to contact me:

Please write to:

or call:
+45 27 59 46 11

or leave your comment here:


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  1. Hello, dear Rodrigo,
    we met in the Tara-retreat and shared only a few words this morning due to my lacking voice.
    I happily arrived back home…not yet my luggage though..
    I visited now your website and say its a very great blessing sharing these wonderful vajra songs with others.As you did in the retreat.
    May it be virtue Guru …padme ….siddhi…..hung.
    Please let me just send you the link to the website of the soundhealer Tom Kenyon for further inspiration.
    To my feeling all his works come from non-dual awareness and full of insights.
    I also recommend his new film “Song of the new earth”.
    May you and your family live beautifully only with an Utpala.flower as a support….
    Heartful greetings


  2. hey sonja,
    I am so sorry for this late response, i just discover your message.
    I am back now at gomde for the retreat with the khenpo, and we do the tara sadhana every evening.
    thanks for the tip about this tom kenyon. interesting!
    hope to see you again sometime soon!

  3. Hi, this is Corey and i am part of a team comprised of highly skilled web developers that have years of experience with developing customized websites for both start-up

  4. A beautiful site! Is it possible to share certain prayers (like the Bardo prayer) via Facebook? I would like very much to share it.
    Greetings, Ana

  5. Thank you for the .gifts ! I am using Safari and firefox on a mac and cannot download – the download button is inactive, even after I registered. What to do? Thank you.

  6. Dear Rodrigo,

    Thank you for all that you have done on this site. It is most inspiring. I found the Tara and Mandarava mantras most sublime. Please let Sasha know.

    Your “Calm and Aware, Kind and Helpful” mantra is very profound. It resonates deep concern for others. I plan on sharing it with children and adults. I have shared a link to your site with others like minded and asked them to please pass it on. I rejoice in your most excellent activities. Keep them coming please. May Countless Beings Benefit.

  7. Hi Rodriques, thank you so much for the beatiful songs! Heres is my Danish version of Be kind and aware

    You can allso find it at my fb-page: Songs for inner peace

    Best wishes
    Bhikshuni Tenzin Drolkar

  8. Do you know the artist of the Tara image on the Tara mantra page or how I can get a print of that Tar?

  9. This is fabulous! Such a treasure; to have both meaning and melody is precious as diamonds. Thank you!
    Ann, Crestone CO USA

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