Noble Sutra of Recalling the three jewels

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Homage to the omniscient one!

Thus the Buddha, the transcendent, accomplished conqueror,

the tathāgata who has attained suchness,

the arhat who has conquered all foes,

is a perfectly and completely enlightened buddha,

endowed with insight and worthy of reverence,

The sugata who has reached the state of bliss,

The knower of the entire world,

The guide and tamer of beings,

The unsurpassable one,

The teacher of gods and humans,

The Buddha Bhagavat.

The tathāgata is in harmony with all merit.

He does not waste the sources of virtue.

He is fully adorned with patience.

He is the foundation of the treasures of merit.

He is ornamented with the excellent minor marks.

He is the full blossoming of the major marks.

His activity is timely and fitting.

Seeing him, there is nothing displeasing.

He brings true joy to those who have faith.

His insight overwhelms all in its splendour.

His powers are invincible.

He is the teacher of all sentient beings.

He is the father of all bodhisattvas.

He is the sovereign of all the noble ones.

He is the guide who leads beings to the city of nirvāṇa.

He has measureless wisdom.

He possesses inconceivable fearlessness.

His speech is utterly pure.

Its tones are melodious.

One can never have enough of looking at him.

His form is without comparison.

He is unsullied by the realm of desire.

He is quite unsullied by the realm of form.

He is not caught up in the formless realm.

He is completely liberated from suffering.

He is totally liberated from the aggregates.

He is not possessed with the constituents of ordinary experience.

He is in control of the sense fields.

He has cut right through the knots.

He is completely liberated from torment.

He is freed from craving.

He has crossed over the river.

He is perfected in all the wisdoms.

He abides in the wisdom of all the buddhas of past, present and future.

He does not dwell in nirvana.

He abides in perfect finality.

He remains on the level where he sees all sentient beings.

All these are the authentic and supreme qualities of the embodiment of the Buddha.

The sacred Dharma is good at the beginning, good in the middle and good at the end.

It is excellent in meaning,

Excellent in words and syllables.

It is distinctive.

It is totally complete.

It is utterly pure.

It completely purifies.

The Buddha teaches the Dharma perfectly.

It brings unerring vision.

It is without affliction.

It is constant and always timely.

It is trustworthy when applied.

Seeing it fulfils one’s purpose.

The wise can validate it through their own awareness.

The Dharma taught by the buddha relies entirely on training the mind.

It is truly delivering.

It causes one to arrive at perfect enlightenment.

It is without contradiction. It is all-embracing.

It is constant.

It is the cessation of all uncertainty.

As for the Sangha of the Great Vehicle, they enter thoroughly.

They enter with awareness.

They enter straightforwardly.

They enter harmoniously.

They are worthy of veneration with palms joined together.

They are worthy of receiving prostrations.

They are a glorious field of merit.

Offering to them brings great purification.

They are an object of generosity.

They are in every way the greatest object of generosity.

Rigpa translations 2001

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