The Threefold Ritual

The Threefold Ritual contains a short liturgy for invoking the pantheon of worldly deities, inviting these beings to seize the rare opportunity to listen to the Dharma, and proclaiming the aspiration that all the worldly beings that have gathered to hear the Dharma receive their share of the merit one has generated.

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Brahmā, great king Śakra, gods and nāgas, 

Yakṣas, gandharvas, uragas, asuras, 

Garuḍas, kumbhāṇḍas, kinnaras, 

All beings who are sons of the Sugata, 

Accept these seven wonderful and resplendent jewels and listen to me.

The qualities of the blessed Buddha are inconceivable.

The qualities of the holy Dharma are inconceivable.

The qualities of the noble Saṅgha are inconceivable. 

The unsurpassed fruition of true faith 

In the inconceivable Three Jewels is inconceivable. 

It is rare to hear so much as the names of the Three Jewels, 

Even over the course of millions of eons.

Now that you have taken such a rare embodiment endowed with the freedoms,

Use the energy of your magical abilities and faith to approach,

And listen to the profound teaching of the Victor

In this sanctuary bedecked with the jewels of liberation.

May those who gather here intent upon the holy Dharma,

Such as powerful gods, nāgas, yakṣas, and the like, 

Accept this share of Dharma merit: we dedicate it 

So that you may increase in splendor and retinue and accomplish what you desire. 

May you obtain the nectar of the teachings, 

Bring prosperity to each and every class of beings wherever they are,

And protect the teachings of the tathāgatas. 

This concludes “The Threefold Ritual.”

This was published by 84000. You can find the publication including introduction here