The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom, the Blessed Mother

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In this famous scripture, known popularly as The Heart Sūtra, the Buddha Śākyamuni inspires his senior monk Śāriputra to request instructions from the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara on the way to practice the perfection of wisdom. Avalokiteśvara then describes how an aspiring practitioner of the perfection of wisdom must first understand how all phenomena lack an intrinsic nature, which amounts to the realization of emptiness. Next, Avalokiteśvara reveals a brief mantra that the practitioner can recite as a method for engendering this understanding experientially. Following Avalokiteśvara’s teaching, the Buddha offers his endorsement and confirms that this is the foremost way to practice the perfection of wisdom.

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I felt very honoured to be invited by to make a recording of their brand new translation of the Heart Sutra. has been producing top quality translations of Sutras, and in this way made a tremendous impact myself, and countless others by making the teachings of the Buddha available in such a generous and vast way.

I feel that it is important to not only read, study and reflect on the Sutras, but also to take it to heart by reciting. In this way we can not only inspire ourselves, but also benefit other beings who hear it, and keep the tradition of reciting, that has been vital for passing on the Dharma for centuries, alive. I hope that this, and other recordings on this website, will inspire the recitation practice for groups and individuals worldwide.

May the activities of and the wisdom of this Sutra liberate countless beings and benefit humanity for a very very long time!

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