The teachings of the Buddha have been passed on through the centuries, studied, recited and preserved and now also translated into English. A great project for translating the canonical buddhist literature is the 84000 project, where a lot of the material used here is published.

There is a great value in reciting these texts. First of all it is a way of connecting to the text, and resonating it in one’s body, and a starting point to learn from it and memorize the text. Also whenever you recite other beings, visible and invisible can listen and benefit.


The Heart Sutra, is very well known and said the be the quintessence of the Buddha’s teaching. Here are two different translations, one many of you might know as the translation presided by Trungpa Rinpoche, and a recent trnslation of the Dharmachakra commitee.


Teaching the four factors is a short sutra that teaches how to purify non-virtuos actions.


The Questions of the Naga king Sagara is a short Sutra that teaches the four seals. it recited in a narrating style.