Invoking Dzambala


Prosperity flows from a generous attitude – A tantric invocation chant


Translated from Padmasambhava’s precious teachings by Erik Pema Kunsang. Tara Trinley Wangmo composed the melody.

Granting every gift most eminent, giver of accomplishments,
Embodiments of the triple roots, wishfulfilling precious gems,
Guru Padma, master known as the Lotus-Born,
And all Dzambhala lords of the fourfold families,

Lords of wealth, and yakshas, the protectors of this world,
Millions of you, in a number that defies the reach of thought.
To you the whole assembly, deities of the mandala,
We bow in veneration, offer praise, and make this prayer:

Grant your inspiration, clear away all hindrances.
Please bestow accomplishments and increase prosperity.
While remaining present here, please fulfill activities.
In samsara and nirvana whatever is most excellent,

Goodness in our world, richness for all beings,
From the gods and humans, nagas and the yakshas too,
Foods and wealth and jewels, cloudbanks of all pleasing things,
Bright and steadfast horses, Animals for milk and wool,

Harvests of all grains and herbs, plants for every medicine,
Longer lifespans, perfect health, splendor and auspiciousness,
Family, Dharma lineage-holders, everything we may desire;
To sum up, in samsara and nirvana all exquisite, wonderful.

Without the slightest effort, bring it under our command.
Increase it like a swelling river, never-ending, limitless.
Let whatever we may wish for be fulfilled abundantly.
Let there be auspicious goodness, happiness for everyone!

Om ah hung vajra guru padma sambhava sarva siddhi hung
Om hung tram hrih ah dzambhala dzalendraye soha
Sarva yaksha basupati lokapala tsitta hring hring dzah sarva basu siddhi du du puting kuru soha