Saraswati Devi
One of the most beautiful and moving ways to connect to our natural presence, is by chanting and singing sacred mantras.

In the spiritual land of India it is common to practice what is called “Bhakti Yoga”. This is singing the grace of the divine, repeating the mantras over and over again, till one is so deeply immersed in the sound that everything else disappears but the mantra.  The nakedness that arises from such immersion can unveil our devotion, our own grace.

Sacred mantras of enlightened deities are a perfect method to connect to our own enlightened qualities. They all contain deep meaning and is like a heartstring that connects us directly to that particular enlightened deity, which has immense benefits for spiritual practice. It is a means to liberate us from the tight graspings of the mind, to make us soft and open to recieve the blessings so we can realize our own enlightened potential. That is why devotion is such a powerful tool emphasized in the buddhist tradition.  Devotion is directly linked to our ability to open our being and discover our buddha nature.