It is said that these verses, originally sung by Buddha Shakyamuni, are packed with profound meaning and blessings. For centuries they have been chanted in Sanskrit and Tibetan, and here we can practice them in English in the wonderful translation of Erik Pema Kunsang. Tara is the embodiment of Compassion and Insight, and here we […]

Bardo Song of Reminding Oneself from the Secret Dakini Training Mother Tantra of the Great Perfection Translated by Erik Pema Kunsang, music composed by Tara Trinley Wangmo Kyema. Sentient beings like ourselves with heavy dreadful karma Drift since time without beginning through samsara’s realms. While we still will have to go through torment that is […]

Prosperity flows from a generous attitude – A tantric invocation chant   This text was revealed by treasure revealer Chogyur Lingpa, and translated from tibetan by Erik Pema Kunsang. Tara Sellberg composed the melody. OM Granting every gift most eminent, giver of accomplishments, Embodiments of the triple roots, wishfulfilling precious gems, Guru Padma, master known […]