21 praises to Tara video

Translated by Erik Pema Kunsang. Music by Tara Trinley Wangmo. Rearranged and singing by Sascha Alexandra Aurora and Rodrigo Reijers.

It is said that these verses, originally sung by Buddha Shakyamuni, are packed with profound meaning and blessings. For centuries they have been chanted in Sanskrit and Tibetan, and now we can practice them in English in the wonderful translation of Erik Pema Kunsang.

Tara is the embodiment of Compassion and Insight, and here we praise her 21 manifestations, each with their specific activities and blessings.

Much has been said and written about these verses and their meanings. This article by Tai Situ Rinpoche for example explains each manifestation and their blessings.

For those who would like to connect deeply to Tara, and aspire to dive in the complete path to liberation, we wholeheartedly recommend to look into the Tara Triple Excellence, an online practice program designed by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche.

Most of the images used here have been commissioned by Dzongsar Kyentse Rinpoche for the Tara shrine of Dzongsar Bhutan.

This video is meant for you to chant along, and we hope you will enjoy doing so. May it benefit countless beings!


you can download the audio file here


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  1. LAKSO, LAKSO LAKSO! This is just wonderful. Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into this. The images of Tara are stunning. Everything about this is LAKSO

  2. so so grateful for this! Thank you! May many many beings be helped by the power of the 21 taras!

  3. Thank you. My teacher is DJKR so nice to see & hear these images w/your chanting. Om Tara Tutarra Ture Svaha.

  4. Truly beautiful and beneficial! Thank you dear friends, may your pure activity pervade the three times, in all directions, for the benefit of all beings.

  5. We believe on Goddess Tara, We, all of us will blessed by Tara. Thanks for everything.

  6. We believe on Goddess Tara, we all of us blessed by Tara. Thanks for everything

  7. Thank you for making this beautiful homage available to us all. May this merit benefit all sentient beings with Tara’s great blessing!

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