Entering the City of Vaiśāli

the The Mahāsūtra Entering the City of Vaiśāli
in Sanskrit: Vaiśālīpraveśamahāsūtra

Invited to visit the city of Vaiśālī, which has been ravaged by a terrible epidemic, the Buddha instructs Ānanda to stand at the city’s gate and recite a proclamation, a long mantra, and some verses that powerfully evoke spiritual well-being. Ānanda does so, and the epidemic comes to an end. One of the mahāsūtras related to the literature of the Vinaya, this text, like other accounts of the incident, has traditionally been recited during times of personal or collective illness, bereavement, and other difficulties.

The 84000 project published this Sutra recently and encourages us to recite this text especially during the pandemic we are facing.

Here you find the text with introduction.

Here you will find also a recording of Dzongzar Khyentse Rinpoche reciting this sutra in Tibetan as well as a recording of Gary Dyson reciting in English,

I wish this recording could serve an inspiration for the Sutra to be recited by many, and in this way create the positive circumstances that dispel the difficulties the world is now facing, and, by taking the Buddha’s teachings to heart, increases the wellbeing of all.

you can download the track here