The Aspiration Prayer from “Destroyer of the Great Trichiliocosm”

The website is publishing new translations of Sutras regularly. In the face of the current pandemic, they also present a series called ‘Wellbeing Series’, with texts that are traditionally recited during difficult times like these.

This Aspiration prayer is one of them. summarizes as follows:

This short text contains a set of verses spoken by the Buddha as he put an end to the epidemic of Vaiśālī, extracted from one of the two main accounts of that episode. The verses call for well-being, especially by invoking the qualities of the Three Jewels and a range of realized beings and eminent gods. The text comprises two passages from the parent work, and of these the first and longest corresponds closely to a well-known Pali text, the Ratana-sutta, widely recited for protection and blessings.

You can find the complete text, as well as an excellent introduction here.

I would like to encourage you to read and recite the text along with the sound track.

May it bring wellbeing to all!!

credits: translation by, vocal and production: Rodrigo Reijers

you can download this track here