Barché Lamsel—The Prayer that Removes All Obstacles from the Path

I used a translation that can be found on the lotsawa house website

Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche says:
Tukdrup Barché Kunsel is a practice that was composed by Guru Rinpoche himself. How did this come about? It was during the time when Guru Rinpoche was in Tibet, in the Blazing Turquoise Shrine on the second floor of Samyé monastery, in response to a request from the king Trisong Detsen who was Manjushri in person, his son Prince Murub Tsepo Yeshe Rolpa Tsal, the vajra consort of Guru Rinpoche Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal, the tantrika Nupchen Sangyé Yeshé, the translator Lotsawa Gyalwa Chokyang, and many other disciples. They said that Dharma practitioners face many obstacles, and asked what the best practice would be for dispelling these obstacles. Guru Rinpoche said that when practising the Dharma there will be outer, inner and secret obstacles. “But,” he said, “when it comes to dispelling these obstacles, there is no greater method than praying to the lama. The buddhas of the past, present and future have not taught, are not teaching and will not teach a greater method than this.”

The disciples, including the Lord Trisong Detsen, the subject Vairotsana and the friend Yeshe Tsogyal, reflected and thought about what Guru Rinpoche had said. They saw that it was true, and that there was not any practice for removing obstacles greater than praying to the lama. Then they thought, “Our root teacher, who took birth intentionally in the form of a vajra master, is Guru Rinpoche. He is the one who has granted us empowerments and teachings. He himself has said that just as the deity who has a special karmic connection with Tibet is Avalokiteshvara, he is the master especially connected with Tibet. Out of compassion and as a result of aspiration prayers made in the past, he took birth deliberately to train beings in this land. So for us the lama is definitely Guru Rinpoche. And therefore we need a special method for praying to him.” With this in mind, they requested Guru Rinpoche to teach them such a practice.

At that time Guru Rinpoche said, “By praying to the lama all obstacles will be dispelled, and when they are dispelled, you will receive the accomplishments.”

When the disciples requested a method for praying to Guru Rinpoche, he agreed to grant it. He placed his right hand on the head of Yeshe Tsogyal, his left hand on the head of king Trisong Detsen and he touched his own forehead to the forehead of Prince Murub Yeshe Rolpa Tsal. Then he recited the prayer of Barché Lamsel, the self-sound of dharmata, which begins:

Dharmakaya Amitabha, to you we pray!
Sambhogakaya, Great Compassionate One, to you we pray!
When he had granted this previously unknown prayer, the disciples all thanked him, but then they said, “We suspect that there is also a method of accomplishment (sadhana) related to this, complete with activity practices. Please could you teach this not only for us disciples here now, but especially for beings in the future who have devotion to Guru Rinpoche.” With this, they offered him their bodies, wealth and possessions and requested him to teach this practice.

This recording is made to be of support to those who practice this Sadhana. Other versions are in the making, one slower, another with a different melody, and another translation. It will be a project of a lifetime to unfold the blessings and possibilities of this prayer. I felt that now, during the Corona Pandemic, which caused us to cancel the planned Trinley Nyingpo retreat in Denmark, it would be good to make this allready available to practice with. In the beginning it might be a bit fast, but after a few rounds it will get easier to chant along with. Sarva Mangalam!

a free download is available here


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  1. From the heart thanks 🙏🏼 for this beautiful mantra. I will look forward to the slower, which is probably more for me in moments,
    May you be healthy and in a good mood.

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