The infinite colors and forms of our world, the elements and the vibrations of the universe are still a mystery to us. How amazing that we have teachings and teachers still available, to explain us who we are, to point out our own basic nature and show us how to live and be, in accordance with reality. As many beings, thoughts and imaginations, stars and particles there exists, have existed and will exist, as many ways there are to guide us to our own true nature.

These tantric songs, spoken and sung by masters of the past and present are filled with such wisdom and love, so profound, yet simple. While listening to a song with words spoken directly from an accomplished master, if we open our heart and mind, we can understand and experience those words from deep within us. They are means to liberate our mindstream from distraction, ignorance and fears, so we are able to meet our inner guru, the basic nature we all share.

Gently greet these words with your openness and let them be a doorway for you to connect to your heart just as it is.