Prayers During the Pandemic

During the times of distress we are experiencing now the Dharma more then ever is our only refuge. Any heartfelt prayer will be helpful.

Some teachers recommend certain specific prayers, and in this section you will find a few recordings that might support you in that.

My teachers taught me that such a session will be most helpful if you first take refuge in the three jewels, arouse bodhicitta, and then pray one pointedly. when you conclude your session dedicate the merit, and make vast aspirations for suffering to end and make more aspirations as you wish.

Hopefully some of the tracks will be helpful in your practice. And even more so, I wish that by the power of the Dharma aspirations, not only the epidemic will disappear swiftly, and the suffering that comes with it will be limited, but on top of that it will leave a positive input Dharma practice to deepen, and result in the liberation of all beings.