Awakening At Dawn from the Sleep of Ignorance

This is a traditional chant, to be sung at the moment you wake up in the morning. Erik Pema Kunsang translated it in a way that it can be chanted with the original melody. 

On this site you can find a recording of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche chanting it in Tibetan.



Lotus Guru, hosts of dakas and dakinis,

All are dancing,

voicing mantra tunes and songs in the symbolic language,

Minds in the awakened state, the essence of the natural knowing,

Turned towards me,

With the sound of bells and hand drums,

They appear in awesome splendor,

Right before me in the sky.


Lord guru host of dakinis,

Look on me with your kind, loving eyes.

Right now the beings of the three realms

In mindlessness they all are asleep.


Awake, they roam in their blinded states.

Your yogi child who sees self-knowing mind

Shall lead to the celestial realms

All mother beings of the six types.


So father, I will go where you are,

And not leave thought word and deed indolent.

To be sure I will hear, think and train;

Four sessions shall be cores in my life.


While here in this delightful retreat,

I will reach others’ aim and my own.

Please guru, host of dakinis

Be kind inspire my triple doors.


(then expel the stale breath three times.)


Root guru, glorious and precious master,

Sit upon the lotus throne above our heads.

With your kindness, beyond limits, please accept us.

Give the siddhis of your body, speech and mind.


(meditate as long as you like)



Translation: Erik Pema Kunsang. 

Voice: Rodrigo Reijers