Sevenline prayer to padmasambhava

Chanting Padmasambhava’s sacred invocation belongs to the path of surrendering into the vastness of sound and devotion. When seeing the beauty of who we really are, we see the beauty of timelessness. Padmasambhava is an endless ocean of timeless love, truth and presence. The words in the prayer come from a place that’s deeper than our hearts and minds. When we sing these words they turn us towards ourselves and that experience changes us into boundless love and wakefulness, the real Padmasambhava.

In the land of Uddiyana’s northwest border,
On the pistils of a lotus flower’s stem,
You have reached the marvel of the supreme siddhi,
And became known by the name the Lotus-Born.
With surrounding circles of many dakinis,
In your footsteps I will reach accomplishment.
Please approach in order to bestow your blessings.